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Closet Organizers

Closet Organizers Pinellas CountyIf you are in the market for quality closet organizers, look no further. Let Accent custom build a closet system from 100% solid oak that will look fabulous and help you stay organized. Once we are done there will be a space for everything. Let us create your dream closet for you! Call today to schedule your free consultation.

Custom-built closet organizers
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We build custom closet organizers for:

  • Walk-in closets
  • Reach-in closets
  • Kitchen pantries
  • Office closets
  • Storage closets
  • Linen closets

Wood Closet Organizer

If you are sick and tired of buying baskets, bins, and every other type of container to help organize your closet, let us build you a custom wood closet system. At Accent Wood, we only work with 100% solid oak because it not only looks the best, but it also lasts the longest. You can customize everything about your closet organizer from the style to the finishing touches. Set up a free consultation today and we can discuss design options and your storage needs. We build closet organizers for any size closet; call us today to get started.

No matter how big your closet is, if the layout doesn’t work for you then it’s a source of frustration. When you order a custom closet organizer from us, you get to choose the number of drawers, the amount of hanger space, and all the extra touches. We can add a tie rack, purse display, shoe rack, and more. The sky is the limit!

Whether you have a reach-in closet or a walk-in one, we will find the best solution for your space. Contact us to set up your free consultation and get one step closer to an organized closet.

Custom Closet Organizer Hillsborough

Custom Made Closet Organizer

With a custom-designed organizer, you can improve your storage space ten-fold. We make standing units as well as wall-hung organizers. Every aspect of our closet solution system is fully customizable. If you have more shoes than Imelda Marcos, we can accommodate every single pair and display them for easy selecting. Maybe your closet woes center around your business suit collection or handbag obsession, either way, we’ve got a space-saving storage solution for you!

Some of the other closet accessories we incorporate into our solid wood organizers are:

  • Valet rods
  • Pants rack
  • Sliding belt rack
  • Sliding tie rack
  • Fold-down ironing board
  • Mirrors
  • Hanging baskets
  • And more!

We begin every custom wood furniture build with a free design consultation. For us to create a truly unique closet organizer that will serve you for years to come, we need to understand your wants, needs, budget, and style preferences. Our consultants will work with you to find a solution that fits your budget and ticks all the box on your checklist. Call our office today to schedule a consultation.

High-quality closet storage solutions
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We deliver and install custom closet organizers in St Petersburg, Tampa, or any city in Pinellas, Hillsborough or Pasco County.

Custom designs are a specialty at Accent.
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