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Murphy Bed & Mattress Dimensions

17” Bed Depth Fits Up To a 10” Mattress | 20” Bed Depth Fits Up To a 13” Mattress | 24” Bed Depth Fits Up To a 15” Mattress

Dimensions – Know What and How to Measure

Measure – the most important step. Dimensions, including the height, width, depth (when closed) and projection from the wall (when open), will allow you to easily see how your Murphy bed and side cabinets if you choose them, will fit on a wall in your space. If the size of the room allows, you will want to keep some space on either side of the bed for you to be able to move around the bed. In addition, you may want to add side cabinets for storage. Measuring for your new Murphy wall bed – whether it is you providing the mattress or you order a mattress with us, below are some guidelines to keep in mind.

Learn more about our Murphy Wall Beds here and to view our wall bed line, please visit our photo gallery and Pinterest boards.

Murphy Wall Bed Guidelines

When you measure a room for a Murphy bed consider the height, width and depth of the bed when it is in the closed and open positions. When the bed is open – look at the projection – this is the length from the wall to the edge of the bed frame. Certainly, these dimensions will provide you with a better understanding of how the bed will fit into your space.

Measuring Terminology

  • Height – your ceiling height must be at least 2 1/2″ taller than the height of the wall bed
  • Width is measured from both sides of the outside of the molding to the outside of the molding
  • Depth is the dimension from the wall to the front of the face of the bed, in the closed position
  • Projection is the dimension from the wall to the outside of the bed frame, in the open position

Murphy Wall Bed Sizes

Twin – 45”w x 82h” x 17”d
Full – 60”w x 82h” x 17”d
Queen – 66”w x 87”h x 17”d
King – 82”w x 87”h x 17”d

Bed Styles

Sliding Library / Bi-Fold / Pivoting Wall Bed
With this style of Murphy wall bed you need two 30″ wide bookcases in front of the bed and two 30″ wide cabinets on either side of the bed and that equals 120 inches. You need to include the sliding mechanism header that extends about 2″ on each side which may not be accounted for when calculating the overall cabinet dimensions.

If adding crown molding, add 4” to the sides and 3” to the top. You will need at MINIMUM 8.5 FOOT ceilings to allow for the installation.

Sliding Library Approximate Sizes
Full – 124”w x 87” x 28”d
Queen – 136”w x 93”h x 28”d
King – 172”w x 93”h x 28”d

Vertical Wall Bed
Basically, this bed resembles a normal bed when it is open. It allows you to enter the bed from either side. The vertical bed will extend more into the room than the horizontal bed. This style of Murphy bed works best in spaces with enough ceiling height for the bed cabinet. It is very important to think about ceiling fans. For instance, when pulling down the bed, you need to be sure you have enough ceiling space. Above all, you must avoid contact with the fan and lighting.
Horizontal Wall Bed
This style of bed is best for rooms with low ceilings. Therefore, you do not have to worry about ceiling fans and lights. The bed frame is side mounted with the wider side towards the wall rather than the top of the bed like a vertical bed


Mattress Guidelines

Standard-Size Mattresses Fit all our Murphy Wall Beds

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