We craft quality handmade cabinetry at Accent Woodworking. We are a local family-owned and operated builder of real wood cabinetry serving all of central, north and east coast of Florida since 1998. Real wood cabinetry is one of the best investments you can make in your home. With custom cabinets, the possibilities are almost limitless. A well-planned space will serve you for years to come. Our custom cabinets give you the ability to design a space that is as beautiful as it is functional. When you make a purchase with us, you are buying directly from an American manufacturer. All our products are made in the USA. You Ask! We Build!

Customizable Real Wood American Made Cabinetry Designed and Built Locally in Largo, Florida
Stunning Interior and Exterior Cabinetry that Fits Perfectly with Your Lifestyle and Your Décor
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Turn Your Cabinet Dreams into Designs

A cabinet maker is a craftsperson. There is something very special about handmade cabinetry for your home. Handcrafted cabinetry is built to last for generations unlike prefabricated pieces. All our wood cabinets are built locally in Pinellas County. All our wood cabinetry is built in-house and DO NOT contain particleboard. All our cabinets come assembled. They do NOT require any assembly by our customers. Our goal is to provide innovative design with exquisite craftsmanship at prices you can afford.
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Would you like to transform the look of your current cabinets? If you are looking to replace your cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom, home office, laundry area, or other spaces, let us work with you. Or, you may have a need for stand-alone cabinetry like a guitar cabinet or pantry. We can do that for you as well.

We use 100% real oak or maple wood for long-lasting strength and beauty. There are other woods available by request. With us, there is no limit to what we can create with you. If you have a cabinet need or want and don't see it listed here or in our photo galleries - You Ask! We Build! Let’s get started building your ideal cabinets!

Build Ideas for Cabinets

We know that looks matter. Substance matters too! And you want function. You will be amazed at how a bit of extra storage can help declutter your favorite spaces. Include innovative storage options for every room in your home. Think about investing in custom cabinets and furniture from Accent Woodworking. We can design stunning interior and exterior cabinetry that will fit perfectly with your lifestyle needs and your décor. We design and build cabinets of all types, any style, wood and finish. Our cabinetry includes but not limited to:

What is a Custom Cabinet?

What makes a cabinet custom? Custom means built to the client's requirements. You get what you want. Each component is made to fit your space. A cabinet maker will find a way to respect your specific storage needs while appreciating the intended look. Cabinetry is built specifically for you, without the limits of template designs. Combining our experience with your inspiration, we can create your ideal look.

Custom Cabinetry Design + Build

Because design matters! Custom Credenza and Hutch with Wood Flat Panel Doors and Mullions shown in Sherwin Williams Prairie Grass on Maple Wood.

If your kitchen or other rooms in your home need remodeling or a makeover, consider adding custom-made cabinets to the mix. Custom designs are our specialty. Whether your design or ours, we make quality cabinetry that endures and will look beautiful for years to come. Many of our clients choose from our standard made-to-order cabinetry. But we can customize a standard product as well to meet your needs.

Custom cabinets offer the most flexibility and personal options. With custom cabinets you get exactly what you want. You are not constrained by standard options.

Our cabinetry gives you a level of creative freedom you do not have when you purchase cabinets from a home improvement store. Unlike standard sizes, custom cabinets allow you to use every inch of valuable space. No shortcuts are taken in the choice of materials or the methods of construction.

Color Match / Style Match - Real Wood

We will match the style and color as close as possible. Whether you want us to match or complement or create a contrasting color we can help bring this vision to life for you. Call our showroom today to get started designing your new kitchen cabinets!

To view our full line, please visit our photo gallery and Pinterest boards.

Cabinet and Furniture Care

Below is a link to detailed information about care and cleaning for your wood cabinets and furniture:

Guide for Care and Cleaning your Real Wood Cabinets and Furniture

Our Team

Our consultants will design cabinets to fit your specific needs. Design consultants help navigate floorplans to create a custom space. If you have a project in mind, tell us about it. You have a say in the design of the cabinetry to fit your lifestyle, family, home size and budget. We begin the process with a free design consult and take measurements. This helps get your project off to the right start.

Utilizing CAD software, our design consultants create 2-D drawings or 3-D models to help you visualize your new cabinets. Our team guides you through all phases of the project from idea to reality.

Your Consultation

Your first consultation and estimate are complimentary for all our local American-made real wood cabinetry. At your consultation, we will discuss the specifics of your cabinetry build. Next, our associate will also go over all your options from hardware to trim. Once we have all the details, our crew will work hard to bring your dream cabinetry into a reality.

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